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    The policewoman was network alternative novel

      The policewoman was

    When I approached the Doctor’s cottage—a pretty old place, on

    beginning I felt the words of my lessons slipping off, not one by

    come back again, and the Master at Salem House is sitting with his

    about the twins, who, she said, were ‘grown great creatures’; and

    I suppose that when I saw Dora in the garden and pretended

    affectionate I know I am affectionate I wouldn’t say it, if I wasn’t

    As she was not among people with whom I believed she could

    I should have known that by his friendly tone

    I asked her, and looked curiously at her, because she looked so

    influence upon the present Perhaps I might have been better

    dirty-faced man, I think he was a boot-maker, used to edge himself

    relieved my uneasiness

    Steerforth and I stayed for more than a fortnight in that part

    enter into my feelings thoroughly

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    rascally cunning

    character in any of these aspects, but in all of them I carried the

    of me to any extent I began to dispose of the more portable

    respectability in the abstract, but I felt particularly young in this

    same uneasy jealousy of him; but if I had any reason for it beyond

    expiration of that period, Mr Micawber would be eligible as a

    my mother was as far off from me as she could be, and kept her

    corner of the next street—and make the best bargain for them, as

    hours, looking through crevices in the palings, getting my chin by

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    struck speechless and motionless

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    kidneys—from the pastrycook’s; a tart, and (if I liked) a shape of


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